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Win prizes by sharing Flip Weekly!

I’m excited to share that Flip Weekly’s referral program is now live! The program is simple: refer people to Flip Weekly and receive 100% free prizes.

Here’s how it works and what prizes we have for grabs at the moment.

Refer 3 People

If you share Flip Weekly and 3 people join the newsletter, you’ll receive a shout out in the newsletter. You’ll also be on your way to the next prize.

Refer 10 People

At tier 2, you’ve now had 10 of your referrals join the newsletter and you’ll receive a pack of Flip Weekly’s reseller stickers 100% free. Take a look at the stickers below.

Each sticker is die cut, 100% weather proof, scratch resistant and printed on a premium monomeric vinyl and laminated with a protective film that will last years either indoors or outdoors.

Refer 25 People

25 is no easy feat which is why for anyone that reaches this number we’re going to give you a $50 gift voucher to Vinnies that you can use to turn into even more money. 

Note: if you’re outside Australia an alternative prize is offered.

Refer 50 People

For the hardcore referrers, this is for you. When you successfully reach 50 referrals you’ll receive a 24cm×19cm×12cm mystery box filled with items you can resell for a profit. This will include my own personal thrift store and yard sale finds and will be shipped to you 100% free. I have the first box ready to go and the estimated resell amount exceeds $200.00AUD. Let’s see how sustainable this can be!

How does it work?

Very simple! First, subscribe to Flip Weekly. Next, in each issue of Flip Weekly you will find your unique referral link and Click to Share button. If you click on the button you will see a breakdown of your current referral count and progress.

Share on your Facebook page, your Twitter, your emails, anything you want! Your stats will be included in each further issue of Flip Weekly. If you have any questions about the referral program or if you have any suggestions on future prizes, or even other sticker ideas, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.